Stop Cancer!!! You Can Help!

The American Cancer Society is doing research to create more birthdays and you can help. The research is being done Nation Wide and the study is coming to Tracy on Thursday November 1st and Saturday November 3rd. The study "Cancer Prevention Study - 3" is requesting help from people in the U.S.A between the ages of 30-65, who have never been diagnosed with Cancer. The participation involves the signing of a consent form, a brief survey, a waist circumference measurement, and a blood sample (max 7 table spoons), and a home survey. The location is at the Tracy West Valley Mall. For more information on this event and the American Cancer Society's study go to or or call toll free to 1-888-604-5888.

You can help cure cancer

Tracy Firefighter’s Raise $450 for Tracy’s “Give Every Child A Chance” Organization

Check for $450 dollars to "Give Every Child A Chance"


  The Tracy Firefighter's cleaned tables, floors and dishes at the Tracy Chilis to raise money for the Tracy "Give Every Child A Chance" (GECAC) Organization. The GECAC of Tracy raises money to run an after school program that allows students from higher grades to teach students of lower grades, as a form of peer tutoring. The program needs money for books, stationary, computers, and all other objects that are applicable to the classroom. If you can help out this amazing organizaton please contact the to get more information. Donations of any form would be gladly excepted, due to the programs budget being cut back by the State Government this past year.