Thank you very much for coming to where our mission is to provide resources to support a higher quality of life for the community we serve.

All proceeds are donated to local charities within and in the rural areas of Tracy.

If you would like to donate please submit any offer by selecting the "Donate" button below, and know that your money will be put back into the Tracy Community.

Thank you very much for being such a generous community member.

Donations for 2014:

Brighter Christmas $500

DARE $500

Great Plate, St. Bernards, Interfaith (Turkeys)

Case for Kids (original foundation) -  $500

Case for Kids– $100

Sow a Seed (Rhodesia Ransom) - $500

Tanika Zuniga (for Grandmother with abandoned newborns) – $250

Distinguished Young Women - $500

Sister City  Association –

Noahs Ark – $250

Crossfire Soccer Club – $250

Tracy Express Sponsorship – $250

Environmental Alternatives - $300

Relay for life - $500

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