Application for Donation






Steve Bowen

Thank you very much in advance for your consideration of MHLL as a potential donation recipient. We are really trying to build out the sense of community in our sports organization and partnering with the local fire services would go a long way in doing so.

Best Regards,

Mo Kaho'onei

Understand we are behind the 8 ball, however, still going to give it a shot. Thank you for sponsorship last season and it really helped the kids out. Appreciate your time, efforts and hard work.

Cynthia Souza

Big thanks to Pat Vargas for telling me about this grant/donation application opportunity. We will be keeping our fingers crossed! Thank you for your consideration of this funding request.

Best, Cynthia Souza
Vice President, Grand Foundation
Chair, Student Film Festival

Kathleen Bergthold

We, at Tracy Seniors Association, appreciate the opportunity to apply for a donation to help our seniors. The seniors in our community are numerous and many are living on a very limited income. They also are at a point in their lives that they can no longer do many of the every day chores that others take for granted. We work with them on two levels, 1) installing safety devices; and 2) helping with the every day issues that they cannot do for themselves.

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